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Vida y destino de Vasili Grossman

Жизнь и судьба [Zhizn' i sudbá]
Autor: Vasili Grossman
Any: 1959
Editorial: Galaxia Gutenberg - Círculo de lectores
Traductor: Marta-Ingrid Rebón Rodríguez
Pàgines: 1111 pàgines

Because of state persecution, only a few of Grossman's post-war works were published during his lifetime. After he submitted for publication his magnum opus, the novel Life and Fate (Жизнь и судьба, 1959), the KGB raided his apartment. The manuscripts, carbon copies, notebooks, as well as the typists' copies and even the typewriter ribbons were seized. The Politburo ideology chief Mikhail Suslov told Grossman that his book could not be published for two or three hundred years.


Life and Fate was published in 1980 in Switzerland, thanks to fellow dissidents: physicist Andrei Sakharov secretly photographed draft pages preserved by Semyon Lipkin, and the writer Vladimir Voinovich managed to smuggle the photographic films abroad. Two dissident researchers, professors and writers, Efim Etkind and Shimon Markish retyped the text from the microfilm, with some mistakes and misreadings due to the bad quality. The book was finally published in Russia in 1988 after the policy of glasnost was initiated by Mikhail Gorbachev.


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