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02 World War Z Warnings. Greater Chongqing, the United Federation of China

At its prewar height… [apogeu]

But the streets are clear of rubble…[runa]

…and local “security council” has prevented any postwar outbreaks. [epidemies]

…,still manage to make house calls to all this patients. [anava a casa dels seus pacients]

Their former home “Old Dachang” , had stood since…[antic] [havia estat]

It must have been a heartbreaking  irony for those poor peasants,…[tremenda] [camperols]

Maybe that is why some of them chose to name their newly constructed hamlet [vila]

..all the GIs in the Korean War… [galvanized iron, es refereix als soldats americans I el seu casc]

That’s why I was so grateful for a quiet shift. [torn de nit]

…and watch de dawn… [alba]

…when I heard my name being paged. [?]

…to help some “nongmin”…[camperol en xinès]

…and tried to remember that as my Deer bounced and banged [Deer cotxe xinès] [donant bots]

I had a devil of a time finding the place. [Vaig trigar un munt de temps]

There were seven of them, all on cots…[catres]

The walls and floor were bare cement. [nu]

The air was cold and damp. [humit]

They cringed and whispered;…[s’enconllien avergonyits] [murmuraven]

…as stagnant and superstitious… [estancat]

I was still lost in my grand, cultural criticism when I knelt to examine the first patient [gran] [agenollar]

…, and she was shivering violently. [tiritant]

Barely coherent, she whimpered slightly when I try to move her limbs [somiquejava] [una mica] [extremitats]

…, why wasn’t  it throbbing with infection [palpitant]

His wrists and feet were bound with plastic packing twine. [canells] [cordes]

Although he’d rubbed off the skin around his other wounds [frotat]

…,not on the gouges on his legs… [surcs]

…where his right big toe had been. [dit gros del peu]

He was writhing like an animal; a gag muffled his growls [mordaça] [grunyits]

They warned me not to touch him, that he was “cursed”. [maleit]

I shrugged them off and reached for my mask and gloves. [no vaig fer cas]

His eyes were wild, wide and sunken back in their sockets. [grans]

…,reaching for me with his bound hands and snapping at me through his gag. [mans lligades]

Initially they wouldn’t budge,… [s’anaven a moure]

The two oxen knelt beside me.[bous, es a dir, homes molt grans i forts. Singular ox ]

As I was withdrawing the needle, the boy… [treient] [l’agulla, en aquest cas hipodérmica]

But the boy jerked again and I heard his left arm snap. [es regirà] [trencar-se]

Jagged ends of both radius and ulna bones stabbed … [extrems dentats] [cubit] [van travessar]

…through his gray flesh [gris] [carn]

I instinctively retreated several paces myself [passos]

…and now I was scared, truly scared, of this frail child. [fràgil]

The boy began to twist in my direction , his arm ripped… [desgarrat, penjant]

Flesh and muscle tore from one another… [arrancat /tear /tore /torn]

…there was nothing except the stump [monyó]

His now free right arm, still tied to the severed left hand,dragged his body across the floor. [?]

… ,the boy’s fist pounding weakly [puny] [copejant] [debilment]

She explained that they weren’t looting,… [robant]

…to recover some heirlooms from.. [reliquies]

…the water had been too dark and muddy. [fangós]

…; it was only proper. [apropiat, corecte]

I then told him about the outbreak and listened as he made some joke about the hygiene habits of hillbillies. [garruls. Hillbillie music és la mùsica country]

I tried to chuckle along but continued …[riure entre dents]

…his face suddenly stiffened. [va quedar glaçada]

With their bullying swagger,… [abús] [pavonejar]

The patients were carried out on stretchers, their limbs shackled. [lliteres] [members] [encadenats]

His mother was wailing as she and the rest of the village [gemegant]

The last one to be exposed was a withered old woman [mústia]

She had a thin, crooked body,… [tort]

She was shaking her bony fist at the “doctors”. [puny]

I’ve never been a superstitious person and I’ve never allowed myself to be hooked… [enganxat]

Of course this ancient crone’s words had no effect [arpía, bruixa vella]

Gu and I had been trying to remove shrapnel from the belly of this soldier [metralla] [panxa]

…, his blood and excrement were all over our gowns. [bates]

Every seven seconds a round would land close by and we would have to bend over his body [ens vam haver d’inclinar]

There were other voices, too, rising from the pitch darkness… [oscuritat total]

One of them shouted “Spetsnaz”… [forces ruses especials ]

There was sweat pouring down his forehead. [el seu front suava tant que semblava que plovia]

…,I could see that he was shacking and pale. [tremolava]

Gu was a worrier, a neurotic curmudgeon [cascarràbies]

…, this year’s harvest was ruined. [collita]

For years afterward I would tease him about what it took… [em vaig fer un fart de riure]

…; my signal was jammed just as the first helicopter appeared. [es va tallar, interrompre]

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