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Caducitat sabatilles. Murakami, Mizuno i Subaru

Darrerament he sentit a parlar de la caducitat de les sabatilles.

Hi ha qui parla de canviar-les cada 800 Km i qui diu que és una ximpleria (http://www.elatleta.com/foro/showthread.php?91334-CADUCIDAD-DE-LAS-ZAPATILLAS)

Calculo que les meves Mizuno les vaig comprar cap a finals de juny del 2010 i el que no m'atreveixo és a calcular els Km que han fet. Tot i que la planta sembla força sencera, la part davantera superior (on s'uneix la punta i la reixa) ja comença a donar símptomes de fatiga (per no dir que comencen a trencar-se).

Vaig comprar les Mizuno com una concessió literària a Murakami dins When I talk about running

I also bought some new Mizuno running shoes. At City Sports in Cambridge I tried on all kinds of models, but ended up buying the same Mizunos I’ve been practicing in. They’re light, and the cushioning of the sole is a little hard. As always, they take a while to get used to. I like the fact that this brand of shoes doesn’t have any extra bells and whistles. This is just my personal preference, nothing more. Each person has his own likes. Once when I had a chance to talk with a sales rep from Mizuno, he admitted, “Our shoes are kind of plain and don’t stand out. We stand by our quality, but they aren’t that attractive.” I know what he’s trying to say. They have no gimmicks, no sense of style, no catchy slogan. So to the average consumer, they have little appeal. (The Subaru of the shoe world, in other words.) Yet the soles of these shoes have a solid, reliable feel as you run. In my experience they’re excellent partners to accompany you through twenty-six miles. The quality of shoes has gone way up in recent years, so shoes of a certain price, no matter what the maker, won’t be all that much different. Still, runners sense small details that set one shoe off from another, and are always looking for this psychological edge.   (pàg 84 en Empúries Narrativa)

De moment no hi ha cap intenció de comprar-me un Subaru, però les Mizuno han estat unes fidels companyes (a les que vaig prometre mai fer menys de 5 Km) i de ben segur que repetiré.

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