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01 World War Z - Introduction

I personally dislike this last moniker [argot]…

This record of the greatest conflict in human history owes its genesis… [deu]

My initial work for the Comission could be described as nothing short of a labor love.[bàsicament per amor a l’art ]
   Exemples dins The FreeDictionary:
   His behavior was nothing short of criminal. 
   Climbing those mountains alone is nothing short of suicide.

…,all spoke to the respect and value my work as afforded on this project [dedicat]

We need clear facts and figures unclouded by the human factor. [no afectades, literalment sense núvols]

Who’s stopping you from keeping these stories alive in the pages of your own (expletive deleted) book? [interjecció. Aquí es fa servir com a imprecació]

Some critics will, no doubt, take issue with the concept of… [estaran en desacord]

This is a valid argument, and one that begs a response. [mereix]

… those who have fought and suffered…[els que han lluitat  / fight / fought / fought]

…time is much an enemy as it is an ally. [aliat]

Yes, the coming years will provide hindsight, adding greater wisdom to memories…[major perspectiva] [sabiduria]

…of their victory harvested. [molt dura]

…the rise of previously eradicated ailments…[malalties]

…resources to care for all the physical and psychological casualties. [víctimes]

It`s because this enemy, the enemy of time, than I have forsaken the luxury…[he deixat de banda]

…and published the survivors’ accounts [testimonis]

…much wiser survivors. [sensats, sabis]

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